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How to Solve the Burst Problem of Fully Automatic Soft Line Creasing Die Cutting Machine

Dec 05, 2019

In the actual application of the fully automatic soft line indentation die cutting machine, there will always be some common small faults, such as the problem of die cutting line explosion during the production process. How should we solve this problem?

1. The waste falling from the incision gathers in the explosive line in the tank. The operator should remove foreign objects in time.

2, the die cutting machine is too explosive when the pressure is too high, at this time the pressure should be reduced so that the waste edge just separated.

3. The indentation mold or bottom is too thick, the indentation is narrow, and the line is explosive. An indentation die of appropriate thickness should be selected, and the width of the indentation should be moderate.

How to Solve the Burst Problem of Fully Automatic Soft Line Creasing Die Cutting Machine

4. The printed surface has a large area of solid colors such as blue or black, which is explosive and exploded after die cutting. During printing, no or less ink additives are added to the dark ink to enhance the adhesion of the ink on the paper and reduce the phenomenon of color burst and line burst.

5. When the film thickness is too large, burst lines are likely to occur. At this time, the height of the die cutting line should be selected reasonably.

6. When choosing to buy a fully automatic soft line creasing die-cutting machine, try to buy mature crimping equipment, so as to effectively protect your product from damage.

7. The bursting problem will cause the paper to crack at the indentation, which will eventually cause the die cutting effect of the automatic die cutting machine to be bad. Try to avoid this situation.

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