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Toden Machinery

Toden machinery founded in the year of 1993. (the former name: Dongguan changan toden hardware machinery factory, dongguang etoden machinery factory, we change the name to Toden Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. The factory covers an area of more than 4000 square meters, We are professional producing many kinds of high freuqency welding machine, servo heat press machine, air cylinder heat press machine, hydraulic cutting machine, high frequency soft line crease and die cut Machine,high frequency welding and cutting machine, High Frequency sealing machine, heat sealing machine, ultrasonic welding machine, and so on. Toden company has more than 27 years machinery making experience. we can design and make the customed machine. toden machine already sales all over the world.

Toden Machinery

Toden machinery domestic customer are: WULIANGYIE, COSMO, FOXCON, PCH, ICT, KANGSUO, LINGYI, Toden machinery has domestic business and international trading, our mainly domestic customer from guangdong, guangxi, zhejiang, jiangsu, sichuan, hunan, ujiang. the foreign customer from thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA, Mexico, India Turkey, R omania, eru, Iran, Russia and so on.

To get more machining technology and acknowledge for packing line requirement, toden company keep communication, researching and learning with professional experts. we have one exprienced technology team. we are focus on OEM and new machine to statified customer special need.

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Toden Machinery

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To help customer enter into intelligent manufacturing in stead of human

Toden Machinery

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Be the intelligent manufacturing solution provider in packing industry

Toden Machinery

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Technology and Human-oriented