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Toden Machinery meets Saudi Arabia's needs

Dec 17, 2019

Toden Machinery understands the needs of Saudi Arabia, and we arrange to send samples for customers to test whether they can really meet the requirements. After nearly a month of strict field use and testing, it can meet the actual needs.The cake box was delivered to the Saudi Arabian customer company on time.

Toden Machinery meets Saudi Arabia's needs

Toden Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. are professional producing many kinds of high freuqency welding machine, servo heat press machine, air cylinder heat press machine, hydraulic cutting machine, high frequency soft line crease and die cut Machine,high frequency welding and cutting machine, High Frequency sealing machine, heat sealing machine, ultrasonic welding machine, and so on.


Toden Machinery uses Square boxes machine to produce soap boxes on time and deliver on schedule


Toden Machinery uses Plasttic boxes Gluing Machine to produce plug-in boxes for Indonesia customers