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Seven Advantages of Choosing a Flattening Slicer Manufacturer

Dec 05, 2019

As a customer of Dongdian Machinery leveling slicer manufacturers, you can enjoy the seven innovative value-added services we provide you from the three major processes of pre-sales, post-sales and after-sales.

(1) Solution

According to customer needs, formulate targeted material sticky box solutions. Provide manual and automated operations and cost analysis reports, special-shaped boxes can be designed and manufactured non-standard equipment.

(2) Quick launch

Dongdian Machinery professional engineers assist customers to arrange electrical in advance, reasonably set the equipment working area, and ensure that the equipment is in one step in the later stage.

Seven Advantages of Choosing a Flattening Slicer Manufacturer

(3) Lightning delivery

On the basis of ensuring the high quality of the equipment, lightning delivery is implemented to ensure customer production requirements.

(4) One-on-one training

Dongdian Machinery's professional training engineers implement one-on-one professional training for customer equipment operators, allowing customers to buy with confidence and peace of mind.

(5) Maintenance upgrade

Dongdian Machinery provides customers with complete maintenance services, and an excellent service team provides comprehensive technical guidance to make your machine more stable.

(6) Original accessories

The original accessories are the biggest guarantee for the stable operation of the machine. The professional machining center of Dongdian Machinery can ensure the durability of the machine accessories and protect the customer's investment.

(7) Sincere service

Dongdian film laminating and leveling machine, plastic leveling and film slicing machine, film laminating and cutting machine adopt professional CRM customer management system, customer product process requirements, equipment life and operating conditions, we will do system specification collection and memo To solve problems for customers efficiently and reasonably.

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1.8T 580*290 mm ,0.3 mm thicknses ,APET sheet to Indonesia


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