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Fully automatic soft line creasing die cutting machine improves efficiency for you

Dec 05, 2019

With the continuous demand of the market, the packaging requirements are getting higher and higher. At the beginning, ordinary stamping machines are generally used to stamp plastic boxes. In this way, the stamped plastic boxes are harder, not soft enough, difficult to fold, approved, and easy to break. Customers are generally unsatisfied. Fully automatic soft line creasing die cutting machine improves efficiency for you. Most printing manufacturers now improve and upgrade the high-end gift plastic box stamping machinery. The principle of high frequency is used to facilitate a little temperature and instantaneous high frequency. Moderate, soft and easy to fold, and continuous folding, combined with a first-class high-quality plastic sheet, it is more exquisite and clear, the square is straight, the plastic box packaging products are more simple and convenient, without any tools, greatly saving the time to package products.

Fully automatic soft line creasing die cutting machine improves efficiency for you

The advanced soft line technology and superb automatic bottom buckle technology make the plastic box packaging products produced by Dongdian Machinery easier and more convenient. No tools are needed, and the bottom of the box can be molded with one button, which greatly saves the time of packaging products.

According to practice, the use of Dongdian high-frequency flexible cord automatic buckle bottom folding box can save packaging time by nearly 4 times than using ordinary plastic box packaging.

SK line is a brand new crimping technology developed by the Japanese development expert team after years of research and development. Only the high-frequency plastic box creasing machine produced by Dongdian (Dongyi Electric) has this unique mature technology. SK line requires more delicate crimping technology, in order to produce a soft and easy to fold and extremely thin crimping effect, which makes the box easy to fold and form, and it is straight, which can effectively protect your product from damage.

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