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Toden explain the use of automatic plastic box creasing compound machine

Dec 05, 2019

1. The operation of automatic plastic box creasing compound machine is simple and easy to learn. The automatic feeding and receiving system greatly saves labor costs. The speed of nearly one thousand sheets per hour has improved production efficiency and greatly increased enterprise production capacity.

2. Easy and fast mold adjustment. Equipped with double-sheet detection shutdown and anti-slip sheet conveying to reduce defective product loss.

3. It is connected with the positioning device of the printing machine, combined with servo drive and mechanical positioning of the tooth row.

Toden explain the use of automatic plastic box creasing compound machine

4. The lines are soft, uniform and easy to fold. The die-cut edge is smooth without burrs, and the product is beautiful.

5.Single sheet Feida automatic conveying unit

6.Unique multi-fed film dentition unit

7. Servo motor drive horizontal precision positioning double chain

8. Independently controlled high-frequency generator

9.Hydraulic controlled crimping high frequency in soft creasing machine to

10.Hydraulic controlled pressing heating die cutting machine

11.Servo-driven suction cup suction stacking receiving unit

12.Can be equipped with online UV varnish hot stamping, waste removal, hole removal residue, stacking functions

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