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Maintenance details of automatic folding glue box machine

Dec 04, 2019

AP-2650 Automatic Folding Adhesive Box Machine Maintenance Details In order to make the automatic hemming box machine last longer, the equipment needs to be maintained for the following points in order to save energy and reduce consumption, and extend the service life of special equipment.

1. The machine must be kept clean, and it is absolutely forbidden to place tea drinks or other liquids on the machine, so as to prevent the spilled liquid from flowing into the machine and causing damage and damage to the machine.

2. The glue application position of the gluing section should be kept clean and the glue stick to the belt You can wipe it with a clean cloth to avoid the glue remaining on the belt, which will affect the service life of the belt.

Maintenance details of automatic folding glue box machine

3. It is forbidden to adjust the speed when the governor is stopped, otherwise the belt will be worn seriously. 4. When the production is shut down Do not shut down the machine at one time, because the heating part has not cooled down, it will cause the belt stopped under the heating device to break. The correct way is: first turn off the temperature control switch for about 10-20 minutes (that is, you can turn off the power without touching the heating head), then turn off the operation switch, and finally turn off the main power switch.

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