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How to choose the best High Frequency Machine Power

Jan 15, 2021

How to choose the best High Frequency welding Machine Power

1) accorking to target item of working

there are two point for high frequency welding machine choosing. 

A: Plastic welding function machine

- machine just using for product welding working

-the mold is made by copper/steel (for cutting working)

B: welding and cutting function in one machine

-welding material first, and than cutting margin later at one time autoamtically

-the mold is made by aluminum material.

2) according to welding needed power

 there are 5kw ,8kw,12kw,15kw high frequency welding machine for your chosen.

as usual, 1KG power of high frequency mahcine  can welding 8-10 CM2 plastic material.

3) according to whole size of welding products.

the standard welding table  size as following:

5KW HF machine :300*200 mm

8KW HF machine:600*400 mm

12kw HF machine:500*700 mm

15kw HF machine :850*700 mm

4) According to target production

there are four kinds of High Frequency machine design for choosing.

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Need 1 woker         Need 2 Worker                              Need 2 woker


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