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How to judge the plastic boxes and their glue

Jan 19, 2021

How to judge the plastic boxes and their glue

we can see so many plastic boxes packages in the market. but how we judge the plastic boxesand their glue ,we know plastic boxes material from PVC PET PP ,clear one and printed one. PVC glue,PET glue ,PUR glue,UV glue ,Hot Melt Glue.

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PUR glue                        Hot Melt Glue                  UV glue                           APET glue                           PVC glue.

1. PUR glue: it can gluing PVC PET plastic boxes by Automatic plastic boxes folding and gluing machine AP-2650. and Semi automatic plastic boxes gluing machine AP-12 ,espceially on PET boxes making .it can be totally clear with high value ,it is widely using on cosmetics ,electronic product packages. 0.33KG/one bottle ,it can gluing about 3000-4000 pcs boxes/one bottle.(sample boxes length about 130 mm),PUR glue out from machine ,it is just one small and clear line ,it need heavy press for 3-5 hours to press the glue area wider and stronger.

2. Hot Melt Glue: it can gluing PVC PET plastic boxes by automatic plastic boxes folding and gluing machine ,and semi autoamtic plastic boxes gluing machine  AP-6,  0.5KG/one PC, and it can gluing about 3000-4000 pcs boxes/1kg,( sample boxes length about 100 mm).it is widely use on Curtain  boxes side pasting ,curtain boxes length about 1.5-3 meters long. and we usually know that hot melt also use on plastic boxes bottom lock.

3. UV glue : UV glue working on machine with UV light ,mean during machine pasting UV glue on APET side ,and lighting the UV side ,than the glued APET boxes totally clear ,with any white mark, it is slow and costive.1KG/one bottle, and it is about 2000-3000 pcs/1kg.

4. APET glue: widely use on plastic boxes and cylinder side pasting by machine,gluing area strong and a little white.3000-4000 pcs/1kg ,sample boxes length about 100 mm .the glue on boxes side dry after 30 s once out of machine end. no need heavy press.and it can keep longer time.

5. PVC glue: gluing area totally clear,it is useing on plastic cylinder and boxes side pasting.2000-3000 pcs/1kg ,sample boxes length about 100 mm. the gluing area dry after 30s once out of machine can packing product directly.

6. PP boxes sealing : PP plastic boxes can be gluing by PUR glue ,and press. and it can also sealing the side without any glue, we call it as PP hot sealing gun/device. temperature150-600 degree adjusting. it can sealing 80% pp boxes material. 1500-2500pcs/1 hours.

PET PVC plastic boxes sample with Glue

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PUR glue  PET boxes                                            liquid PET boxes                                            Water type PET cylinder


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