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What are the characteristics of the plastic box machine

Dec 04, 2019

Plastic box machine, also known as plastic box glue box machine, is an automatic gluing machine specially developed for sticking PVC / PET / PP plastic boxes. It replaces the traditional manual glue machine.

Plastic Box Machine Features

In order to keep up with the needs of the market development, after years of unremitting efforts and specialized research, the machines produced on the market are now very suitable for the needs of the production of plastic boxes on the existing market. At present, the main machines for sticking boxes are: PVC / PET / PP full automatic / semi-automatic plastic box machines, PVC / PET cylinder gluing machines, cylinder sticking machines, four-head cylinder crimping machines, two-end cylinder crimping machines Machine, plastic box folding machine (the plastic box folding machine can be seamlessly connected to the semi-automatic plastic box machine to realize the function of fully automatic box gluing), the plastic cylinder cover flashing machine, the automatic leveling and slice laminating machine , Curtain box fishing rod box crimping machine.

What are the characteristics of the plastic box machine

Plastic box gluing machine, professional bonding PET / PVC / APET / PET plastic box, is a new type of triple machine. No glue is needed for bonding PP boxes, it can be automatically bonded. Adhesive PET plastic box adopts electronic sensor and spray device. Only when the plastic box passes, it will spray glue, which is very glue-saving. The glued PVC plastic box is perfect, the size can be adjusted arbitrarily, the operation is simple, and it is economical and practical.

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