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What is automatic plastic box machine

Dec 04, 2019

Automatic plastic box machine is developed and manufactured by Toden Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd according to the requirements of modern packaging enterprises for automated production equipment. It is suitable for automatic folding, automatic sticking, and automatic cutting of PET, PVC, PP plastic boxes, and truly saves money. Human and material machines.

This machine uses the original Swiss leather belt and rubber belt, which greatly eliminates the customer's worry about the scratching phenomenon of the traditional plastic box machine. Sealing system, PUR adhesive system, hot-melt adhesive system, customers can choose the appropriate adhesive system according to the needs of the product during the production operation, so that the plastic box not only meets high quality requirements, but also greatly saves production costs.

What is automatic plastic box machine

Adopting famous brands of electrical appliances and accessories from Japan and Taiwan to make the machine precise in controlling the glue dropping, fast speed, beautiful appearance of the sticky box, and no sticky glue. The plastic box produced by it greatly improves the aesthetics and quality of packaging products, so it is greatly favored by high-end cosmetics, daily necessities, wine and other industries.

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What are the characteristics of the plastic box machine