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Plastic boxes Gluing Machine
2.5KG PUR Glue pasting system

2.5KG PUR Glue pasting system

1. PUR glue pasting APET Boxes ,PVC Boxes

2. Big capacity for mass production.

2.5KG PUR Glue pasting system

Machine Features


2.5KG PUR Glue pasting system working vedio: 

 System detail information:

1.  PUR glue pasting system ,the capacity is 2.5kg.

2.  PUR glue can pasting APET ,PVC plastic boxes .Most PUR glue using for APET box side pasting .APET boxes glue area Clear and high quality.

3.  This is independent system ,it can be install on semi automatic and automatic plastic boxes machine. But it is for mass APET boxes production.

4.  PUR gluing by sensor boxes.

5.Separate system


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