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Plastic boxes Gluing Machine
Automatic Plastic boxes folding and gluing machine
fully auto box folding and gluing machine is our new design which according to the request of modern package enterprise.It is suitable for PET,PVC,PP soft line plastic box folding and gluing,help our customers save cost and is equipped with four gluing systems:PVC liquid glue system,PET liquid glue system,PUR gluing PET no white system,PP hot sealing no need glue system ,and you can request us add the hot melt glue system on this adopts Swiss Habas leather belt,Taiwan golden gluing system and so on famous brand parts to ensure its superior performance.
Machine Features
Automatic Plastic boxes folding and gluing machine

one: PVC PET material by PVC PET liquid glue, Plastic boxes side gluing by needle. PET material have a little white.

two: PET glue use the spraying system, it can be totally clear, and saving gluing.

three: PET boxes also can use PUR solid gluing system, the control system combined. by PANASONIC PLC+touch screen +electrical sensor, gluing area with highly precisions.

four: Manual Feeding, Automatic folding and gluing in one time.

five: The machine can be automatic feeding boxes in stack with fast speed if the material. without static or sticking together.

six: Machine use PANASONIC import fiber amplifier

Machine parameter

Machine Model AP- 2650 AP- 2850
Voltage 380V 3 Phases 50HZ 380V 3 Phases 50HZ
Output Power 5 KW 5 KW
Air Compressor needed 0.6 MPA 0.6 MPA
Unfolded boxes width 70- 600 mm 70- 800 mm
Material thickness 0.18- -0.5 mm 0.18-0.5 mm
Machine Speed 3000- 8000 pieces/hour 3000- 8000 pieces/hour
Machine Size 5400*1250*11 70 mm 5400*1450*1 1 70 mm
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