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APET roll loading Part choosing

APET roll loading Part choosing

1. suitable for A-8504/A-1004/A-1204

2. Single Roll loading , Paper Core inner diameter size:150 mm /6"

3. weight of roll :max 500 KG .

4. max daimeter is 500 mm.

5. it with air shaft.

APET roll loading Part choosing

Machine Picture view:

A-1204 气胀轴QQ截图20200325085625

Machine testing Vedio:

1. loading device suitable for PVC PET ,APET ,PETG roll loading.

2. thickness :0.16-0.6 mm

3. working with Machine model:A-8504/A-1004/A-1204.

4. it with air shaft.

PS:China standard of one roll APET raw material only 50kg or 100kg in one roll .and the max diameter of one roll is 300 mm .we redesign the loading device according to different country's customer requirement. .but we see ,most of the material supplier has one big roll or more heavier roll material ,expeciall for APET material. 3/6"  core ID size ,and 500kg or 800 kg weight for one roll .max diameter is 500 mm .those sizes using in Russia ,Germany ,India ,and Saudi Arabia .

Machine working vedio:

this A-8504 Youtube link:

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