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Plastic boxes Gluing Machine
Automatic Plastic boxes Crash Lock bottom Machine

Machine model : SP-600

Automatic Plastic boxes folding ,gluing and Lock bottom machinePVC PET boxes folding ,gluing and knock bottom ,all in one machine . machine automatic feeding plastic boxes sheet ,no need human putting the sheet one by one.machine automatic folding the plastic sheet with the help of belt and pre-fold device .plastic boxes side gluing by PUR glue with sensor ,PLC cntrol the gluing area ,and gluing width and length .indepentally eletric circle boxes design .Bottom pre-locking ,and then gluing the plastic bottom two point by hot melt glue.

Automatic Plastic boxes Crash Lock bottom Machine

Machine Features


1: Machine is suitable for PVC PET material plastic boxes making.

2: PUR systerm are use for gluing the plastic boxes side.

3: Taiwan hot melt gluing system with hot melt glue ,the system control the glue flow,two mouth for bottom two point gluing .

4: the plastic boxes machine control system use the PANASONIC PLC +TOUCH screen+Electrical Eye,so that the gluing area are highly precision.

5: The machine use steel board with low voice,easy operate,and working stable.

6: the unfolded boxes width can be 150-600 mm.

7.Machine atuomatic folding the boxes side ,gluing the side ,and lock bottom .all finished in one processes.

Machine parameter

Machine model  SP-600
Machine voltage 380V 3 phases, 60HZ
Output Power 8 KW
Air Compressor needed 0.6 MPA
Suitable Material PVC APET PETG PP
Unfolded boxes width 150-600 mm adjustable
Material thickness 0.18- -0.6 mm
Machine Speed 2000-3000 pieces/hour (1000mm length as sample)
Machine Size 11620*1420*1640 mm(L*W*H)

Machine working vedio

 Bottom lock machine process:

1. sheet pieces loading .it is suitable for PVC PET sheet, if the crease line made by high Frequency machine will be better ,easy folding ,espceially for the bottom lock process.

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2. the second function is lock the bottom action.


3. automatic folding the side.

4. boxes side we know from the market ,PVC and PET Boxes ,you can choose use the PUR glue for both PVC and PET boxes. and also Hot melt glue for both Plastic PVC PET boxes.


5. boxes bottom gluing with two gluing mouth, all the boxes bottom two gluing point is by hot melt glue.


6,finished boxes out.


automatic lock once putting product in.


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