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Cylinder tube Machine
Round Tube Edge Curling Machine

1. Machine model :A-230

2.Machine is suitable for PVC PET material cylinder curling.

3. One machine can product different size products.

4. Servo motor speed adjusting by needed.

Machine Features


one: Machine is suitable for PVC PET material cylinder curling.

two: Machine using the hydraulic system with more stable working. is fast and accurate.

three: One machine can product different size products.

four: Servo motor speed adjusting by needed.

five: Machine fast curling for PVC cylinder by electrical heating automatic

Machine parameter

Machine model number



220v,Single Phase 50HZ


1.5 KW

Suitable material

PVC PET plastic

Cylinder diameter

40-190 mm

Cylinder Max length

350 MM

Material Thickness

0.18-0.4 mm


300-400 pieces/hour/2 working head

Machine size

1300*560*1650 mm (L*W*H)

Working Position

2 heads

Machine working process:

1. Prepare the suitable size mold (toden also can doing mold) for round tube curl.


2. Manual putting the Round tube upon the mold.


3. touch the machine button "start". machine head going down.


4. The up board touch the top of round tube,and still going down of air cylinder function.than the edge curled.



5.Manual taking out the finished round tube which already curled.



6.we can see one heat plate between the two working is one heating plaste ,it make the Round tube edge more soft ,and easier for later curling of Round Tube.


7.some requirement also need Round tube two side curl.that is more beautify and easy for packing product.for example ,the totally length of Round tube is 300 mm ,one time curl is 5 mm ,than the second working head goes to 295 mm height.


8. the same as before ,we need manual putting the Round tube ,and use hand to keep it level.


9. start the machine by green button.machine star curling.


10. we can check the Round tube curl area ,or say the curled length,it can be adjust by the switch of air cylinder.


11. about water :the function of add water is faster the speed for some big size and thin film.when the water around the curling mold.the temperature will more stable ,or say easier for round tube curling.


Machine working vedio

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