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Cylinder tube Machine
Small cylinder Side Pasting machine A-100

1.Machine suitable for PVC clear boxes 4 corners gluing in one time.

2.Machine gluing by needle, 4 corners gluing with fast speed.

3.Machine mold is normal wooden mold, easy operate and fast change it.

4.Machine use PANASONIC PLC, Digital input, arming taking out the finished boxes.

Machine Features
A-100 small cylinder machine

one: A-100 small cylinder machine adopts intelligent human-machine interface operating system, servo motor drive, electronic counting function, fast and accurate forming. Full-automatic cylinder machine roll loading machine, automatic pull sheet, no leveling and slitting, automatic continuous gluing, continuous production, automatic forming cylinder, custom size, length and length, the whole process of mechanical production speed is fast, each Draws 800 meters per hour (take a cut of 100MM as an example), the effect is good, the cylinder is not polished, the sticky edge is beautiful and not white.

two: The cylindrical products made by small cylinder machines are widely used in high-end chocolate, candy, biscuits, cosmetics, toys, crafts, electronics, hooks, sanitary ware, hair brushes, tea, food, medicine, machinery, sports, daily necessities and other industries. package of.

Machine parameter

Machine model number A-100 small cylinder machine
Voltage 220V
Output Power 1.5KW
Applicable round size diameter25-100mm, length15-3000mm
Sheet thickness 0.18mm-0.4mm
Machine speed 3000-5000Per hour (Take a cut of 100mm as an example)
Applicable sheet PVC,APET,PETGCylinder glue sticking edge, different materials need different glue
Machine size 3540*800*1400 (mm)(Length * width * height)
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