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Automatic Cylinder side Pasting Machine A-1301

Automatic Cylinder side Pasting Machine  from Sheet

Model: A-1301

Automatic Cylinder side Pasting Machine A-1301

Machine Features


Automatic Cylinder side Pasting Machine ,Mode:A-1301,this machine suitable for PVC PET sheet ,automatic loading by suction nozzle .the mold diameter is from 55-160 mm ,and max length is less 350 mm .Machine with needle pasting system for PVC PET material ,and PVC sheet cylinder can be totally clear .and PET a little white. other system chosing by custom ,like UV ,and ultrasonic welding.

Machine parameter

Machine model A-1301
Outside size 2330*1110*2290 mm(L*W*H)
Machine Weight 600KG
Mold diameter 55-160 mm
Max length less than 400 mm
Working voltage AC 220V 60HZ
Power 1.5 KW
Mold Height <380m
Tollerance ±0.25KG
active travel 280 mm
control way PLC+Touch Screen
mold moiving Speed 400-500 PCS/Hour
Suitable material PVC PET 0.18-0.4 mm

Machine Working process:

1.sheet automatic loading by 4 big suction nozzle ,and 1 small suction nozzle for single sheet.


2. it is suitable for PVC PET clear sheet or printed colorful sheet .


3. forming mold diameter from 55 to 160 mm.


4. the Gluing system use the PVC liquid glue. the picture is the glue container.


5.finished cylinder automatic drop off ,no need any manual working. 


6. PLC control the machine working speed ,gluing length.


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