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Plastic boxes Gluing Machine
Hot Melt Automatic Gluing APET boxes machine

Hot Melt Automatic Gluing APET boxes machine

model :AP-2650/AP-2850

this is two model machine ,the difference is the width of 600mm and 800 mm. machine automatic feeding ,folding ,gluing ,and delivery out.the gluing system is using Hot melt glue.

Hot Melt Automatic Gluing APET boxes machine

Machine Features

Automatic Plastic boxes folding and gluing machine

Machine working vedio:

1: hot melt glue system for PVC APET PETG RPET rigid plastic packing boxes.

2: hot melt glue is solid ,and it is like jelly, most of them from Taiwan.

3: hot melt glue conatainer has 2KG capacity.

4: hot melt glue has a lower cost.

5: machine glue out by sensor during plastic boxes pass.

6: Gluing plastic boxes length setting on PLC.

Machine parameter

Machine Model AP- 2650 AP- 2850
Voltage 380V 3 Phases 50HZ 380V 3 Phases 50HZ
Output Power 5 KW 5 KW
Air Compressor needed 0.6 MPA 0.6 MPA
Unfolded boxes width 70- 600 mm 70- 800 mm
Material thickness 0.18- -0.5 mm 0.18-0.5 mm
Machine Speed 3000- 8000 pieces/hour 3000- 8000 pieces/hour
Machine Size 5400*1250*11 70 mm 5400*1450*1 1 70 mm

Machine working vedio

Machine using process:

1. Prepare the boxes sheet ,which already crease and die cut .PVC or PET material ,transparent one or Printed one .both are using on this model machine.

2.Adjusting the machine width by wheel ,the width based on boxes open width (this size need confirm with customer min one and max one of boxes ) 

3. Hot Melt gluing system is indepent part ,it is beside the machine. but it connect with machine .there are three set temperature display,the gluing mouth ,gluing tube body ,and glue container .


Glue Types:

hot melt Glue


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