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Plastic sheet Cutting Machine
Plastic PVC boxes material sheet cutting machine

Model:A-8504 customed

1.Ensure machine can working stable,machine case use the steel material

2.PLC mirco-computer controls the machine,Digital parameter setting,automatic output.

3.Easy operate with high efficiency by import servo system and magnetic braking system.

4.Function: Putting PE protection film ,cutting into 2-3 pieces ,static dealing,corona treatment, flatten ,cutting in to sheet.

Plastic PVC boxes material sheet cutting machine


Machine Picture view:


Machine testing Vedio:

1. Machine suitable for PVC PET ,APET ,PETG rigid film.

2. Machine has flatten and cutting function.

3. Max width :800 mm. 4 oil cylinder heating for flatten

4. mainly customer is the material supplier.

Machine parameter

Machine Model A-8504
Voltage 380V .3 Phases  5 line ,60HZ
Output Power 8KW
Max raw roll material diameter 500 mm
Max width of roll material less than 800 mm
Material thickness 0.18-1.0 mm
Precision ≤  ±0.25 mm
Heating Cylinder 4 cylinders 
Air compressor needed 0.6 MPA, 350l/mi
Machine speed 25-30 m/minute
Machine size 6700*1540*1350 mm(L*W*H)

Plastic PVC boxes material sheet cutting machine Customed Point:

1. two airshaft loading roll,3' and 6' size of PVC PET roll plastic material.


2.Max weight:500kg ,Max diameter is 500 mm of roll material .微信图片_20201107094507

3. Putting PE masking


Machine working vedio:

this A-8504 Youtube link:

other related cutting machine and customer:

Saudia Arabie customer Buy sheet cutting machine testing Vedio: A-1004 with 500kg material holder

Machine Mainly parts and Brand

IMG_6661  微信图片_20191226150535

WEILUN touch screen                                              Xinjie PLC

IMG_6662-1  IMG_6662-2

CHNT Leakage switch                                              Panasonic Frequencor

IMG_6663-1  IMG_6663-2

Panasonic Temperature Moudel*2 PCS

IMG_6668 微信图片_20191226150518-1

JYC air cylinder                                                     Schneider Contactor

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