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Plastic boxes Gluing Machine
Semi automatic Plastic boxes Pasting Machine

Machine model : AP-8

1. Small machine for plastic boxes making

2. liquid gluing system .PVC boxes making by PVC liquid glue, PET boxes making by PET liquid glue.

3. Folded plastic boxes size :50-380 mm

Semi automatic Plastic boxes Pasting Machine

Machine Features

Automatic Plastic boxes folding and gluing machine

1. The machine is suitable for PVC APET PETG Plastic boxes sdie gluing by solvent glue.

2. Putting the folded PET boxes on the machine entrance ,machine automatic putting solvent glue

3.machine with liquid gluing system,working stable with high efficiency.

Machine parameter

Machine Model AP-8
Voltage 220V.1 Phases 50HZ
Output Power 1.5 KW
Air Compressor needed 0.6 MPA
Suitable Material PVC APET PETG
folded boxes width 50-380mm
Material thickness 0.18- -0.5 mm
Machine Speed 1000-3000 pieces/hour
Machine Size 2420*900*1200 mm(L*W*H)

Machine working vedio:

Machine working details:

1.Customer need prepare the PET boxes sheet ,which already die cutted .

2.Manually folding the sheet ,sending to the entrance of PET boxes machine

AP-8 201906 埃及[00_00_04][20200903-110316]

3.Machine pasting the PET boxes side by needle,0.1mm,0.15mm ,0.25 mm sizes

AP-8 201906 埃及[00_00_47][20200903-110410]

4.Turn on the Power inside the machine.

AP-8 testing 伊朗[00_00_08][20231017-140954]

5. Turn on the temperature controller.

AP-8 testing 伊朗[00_00_15][20231017-141010]

6.Turn on the running speed controller.

AP-8 testing 伊朗[00_00_15][20231017-141014]

7. Inching: let the belt running according to PET boxes width adjust needed.

AP-8 testing 伊朗[00_00_26][20231017-141111]

8.Hand wheel adjsuting the PET box width ,Make the gluing area correct.

AP-8 testing 伊朗[00_00_30][20231017-141314]

AP-8 testing 伊朗[00_00_41][20231017-141413]

9.connect with Factory air tube ,than air in.

AP-8 testing 伊朗[00_00_55][20231017-141431]

10.and adjusting the gluing flowspeed.

AP-8 testing 伊朗[00_01_19][20231017-141523]

11.Press pressure make the glue side more together ,and heater make the glue will dry faster .

AP-8 testing 伊朗[00_01_40][20231017-141549-1]

12 .and heater make the glue will dry faster .

AP-8 testing 伊朗[00_01_40][20231017-141549]

13.Finished PVC boxes display.

AP-8 201906 埃及[00_01_04][20200903-110432]

14 ,Glue container insdie the machine


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